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First three months with Larzon Capital: First transaction done!

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

I am excited to update you on the first active quarter inside Larzon Capital. The start has been active and busy, but we are moving towards calmer and less frozen seas as the summer seems to be here.

Since my last update three months ago, Larzon Capital has signed six engagement letters with different customers. Some of these engagements have been short one-month stints, but the others are longer term projects. I want to once more extend my gratitude to all my customers for putting your trust in me during these exciting times.

I am extremely excited about the cool companies and cases, which I am currently working with. Few of my customers are preparing to raise funding via digital channels (such as Invesdor) and I am helping them to put their story and their numbers in order, before they move forward to raise public funding. One of my clients wants to buy a Nordic company, three clients want to buy a Finnish company and the owners of one customer wants to sell their entire business. I am actually very proud that the first of these transactions closed last week! I may update you on this transaction later on, so stay tuned.

Despite these busy times with our customers, I have finally managed to produce a blog to my website, which you are now reading. I am actually hoping to produce something interesting here in the future, so bear with me.

Although many Nordic people are moving towards summer holidays and to summer hibernation, it may be good idea to start planning your new transactions post-summer. For that purpose, Larzon Capital has some capacity, and we would therefore be glad to prepare your next move after the holidays. So, if this is something relevant to you, do not hesitate to contact me and we can start to freeze those Ice cubes once again!

In the meanwhile, have a great and relaxing summer!

Lasse Mäkelä

Ps: And please share this post to you contacts. Who knows, maybe you will help your friend to find a great help for their strategic needs!

The Ice will come!

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