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Welcome to our first frozen update!

17 March 2021

Dear friends,

Here is a short note regarding the changes in my career and the ways how I can serve you better in the future. I can help you with Invesdor digital investment platform services as before, but additionally I can provide you more hand-on help around your fundraising process. The other big thing is the fact that I can now help you to buy or sell your company. You may know, that my main experience is from company acquisitions, before Invesdor, and I am now glad to return to my roots. We are an easily approachable advisory firm, who wants to make the mergers and acquisitions as easy as melting ice cubes. Forget the traditional armies of bankers and lawyers, we work with lean and efficient teams!

Need help in buying or selling a company?

Mergers and Acquisitions tends to be cryptic. We want to make it easily understandable and simple. Please look at more details about our services here or just give us a call to make it simple!

Need help in raising funding?

We can integrate your fundraising process with digital fundraising tools. Additionally, we can help you to put your digital fundraising materials in even better shape. To learn more about our fundraising services, follow the link here.

At your service!

After more than 20 years in buying and selling companies and funding them, we know what the relevant issues are. In order to avoin unnecessary details in complex processes, work efficiently. This is what we can bring to the table. Please check our website for further details here, and please follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter here. Furthermore, please tell your friends and colleagues about us, if you believe that they would need our help. Thank you very much!

Lasse Mäkelä

Founder and CEO

Larzon Capital Oy


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